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Mountains of Mithrim

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The Mountains of Mithrim were mountains in Hithlum running northwest from the Ered Engrin. This mountain chain formed the boundary between Mithrim and Dor-lomin.

The caves of Androth were probably located on the eastern slopes of the Mountains of Mithrim.[1]

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Bosnian Planine Mithrim
Catalan Muntanyes de Mithrim
Danish Bjerge af Mithrim
Dutch Bergen van Mithrim
Esperanto Montoj de Mithrim
French Montagnes de Mithrim
German Berge von Mithrim
Hungarian Mithrim hegyei
Icelandic Fjöll Mithrim
Indonesian Pegunungan Mithrim ?
Irish Gaelic Sléibhte de Mithrim
Italian Montagne di Mithrim
Malay Pegunungan Mithrim ?
Maltese Muntanji ta ' Mithrim
Norwegian Fjellene i Mithrim
Polish Góry Mithrim
Romanian Munţii de Mithrim
Russian Горы Митрим
Serbian Планина Митхрим (Cyrillic) Planina Mithrim (Latinised)
Swedish Bergen i Mithrim
Welsh Mynyddoedd y Mithrim
Yiddish בערג פון מיטהרים

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