Mountains of Mirkwoodjtm
The Mountains of Mirkwood, also known as Emyn-nu-Fuin, is a group of smaller Mountains located in the north end of Mirkwood.

They were located just west of the Elvenking's halls in Mirkwood.[1]


During the days when Mirkwood was known as Greenwood the Great, the mountains were known as Emyn Duir or the Dark Mountains, and were probably inhabited by Silvan Elves. The Giant Spiders of Mirkwood, and goblins have made their home here. The goblins were mainly newcomers to the mountains, fleeing into them after the Battle of Five Armies, where they built dwellings amongst the steep slopes.[1]

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Berge van Mirkwood
Bulgarian Планини от Мраколес
Catalan Muntanyes del Bosc Negre ?
Czech Hory Temného hvozdu
Estonian Mirkwood mäed ?
Finnish Mirkwoodin vuoret
French Montagnes de la Forêt Noire
Dutch Bergen van Mirkwood
German Berge des Düsterwaldes
Haiti Creole Mòn nan Mirkwood
Hungarian Bakacsinerdei-hegyek
Icelandic Fjöll Mirkviði
Indonesian Pegunungan Mirkwood
Irish Gaelic Sléibhte de Mirkwood
Italian Montagne di Bosco Atro
Japanese 闇の森の山
Javanese Gunung Mirkwood ?
Latvian Kalni Mirkwood
Lithuanian Kalnai Mirkwood
Maltese Muntanji tal Mirkwood
Norwegian Fjellene i Myrkskog
Portuguese Montanhas da floresta das trevas ?
Romanian Munții Codrului Întunecat
Russian Горы Мирквуда
Serbian (Cyrillic) Планине Мирквоодovenian
Slovenian Hribi Mrkolesja
Swedish Berg av Mirkwood
Vietnamese Miền núi Mirkwood
Welsh Mynyddoedd y Mirkwood
Yiddish בערג פון מירקוואָאָד

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