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Mountains of Angmar

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Angmar Regions

The Mountains of Angmar.

Mountains of Angmar were a mountain chain in the far north, running west from Mount Gundabad at the northern end of the Misty Mountains.


The evil kingdom of Angmar gave its name to the mountains after it was established there in TA 1300 by Sauron's chief lieutenant, the Witch-king of Angmar. The mountains were probably inhabited at various times both by Dwarves and Orcs. The capital of Angmar, Carn Dûm, was located at the western foothills of the Mountains of Angmar. From here the Witch King waged war on the Arnor for hundreds of years.

The mountains remained a realm of evil for six-hundred and seventy-five years up until TA 1975 when the forces of Gondor defeated the Witch King.[1]

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Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Hungarian Angmar hegyei
Chinese (Hong Kong) 安格馬山脈

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