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Mountain trolls

A Mountain Troll in profile, opening one of the Black Gates

Mountain-trolls were a large type of Troll which were closely related to Cave-trolls and Hill-trolls. They were allies of Orcs.


Like all Trolls, Mountain-trolls originated from Morgoth's twisting and crossbreeding of other creatures of the world and were minions of Sauron.

Mountain Trolls could be found in the mountains of Middle-earth. Their type helped move the great battering ram Grond into place during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, which they wielded and shattered the large gates of Minas Tirith. Members of the species also were seen opening the gates of the Morannon.

Physical appearanceEdit

Mountain-trolls were very large, larger than Hill-trolls and had brownish skin.


The mountain-trolls make dangerous opponents in battle. The trolls are smarter than Cave-trolls, and their power to lift massive objects to use as a weapon makes them deadly. It is assumed to be strong enough for other heavy tasks as well. They are also stronger than cave trolls due to their harsh environment.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

The Lord of the Rings film trilogyEdit

Mountain-trolls were shown in Peter Jackson's The Return of the King film during Siege of Gondor.

The Hobbit film trilogyEdit

Three mountain-trolls were also shown in Peter Jackson's An Unexpected Journey when a young Bilbo Baggins distracts them long enough until Gandalf saves the Company of Thorin Oakenshield from being eaten. These three particular trolls speak with a Cockney English accent and as soon as they are exposed to sunlight immediately turn to stone.

Video gamesEdit


A Mountain-troll wearing a blue Cami-knicks in The Battle For Middle Earth II
Screen shot 2010-12-13 at 7.18.51 PM
A Mountain Troll
A Mountain-troll lifting a boulder


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