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Morwen was a Rohirrim woman during the War of the Ring.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Morwen was played by Robyn Malcolm in the film The Two Towers. She is the mother of Freda and Éothain. Her husband is not named or shown. When Saruman's Army of Uruk-hai invaded Rohan, they spared no one and killed many innocent villagers and burned their homes and seeing all the death falling upon her family, she decided to send her children away. She set them on a horse and sent them away to safety. She is seen later in Helm's Deep where she is reunited with her children. It is likely that Morwen's son fought and died in the Battle of Helm's Deep, as not many Rohirrim survived the end of the battle and she is seen hugging Éowyn desperately.[2]

Voice Dubbing actorsEdit

Foreign Language Voice dubbing artist
Portuguese (Brazil) (Television/DVD) Adriana Pissardini
Spanish (Latin America) Claudia Garzón
Spanish (Spain) Nuria Llop
German Katja Amberger


Morwen was not in the book and was a character invented for the The Two Towers movie, and thus only canonical to the universe of the movies. She was named after the First Age character Morwen, the mother of Túrin Turambar


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