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This article refers to the character from a video game. For other namesakes, see Morwen (disambiguation).

Morwen is one of the playable characters in The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, and a warrior-maiden from Penmark. She was first seen in the plains of Rohan, where Berethor and his group helped her wipe out the orcs that pillaged her village. She once lived in Osgiliath with her family until their banishment by Denethor II, and was also betrothed to Berethor.



Morwen's Portrait

In Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, Morwen is a warrior wielding two axes that the group meets during the attack on Rohan. She joins with them on their way, and Berethor soon grows feelings for her, to the dismay of Idrial. Near the end of the Rohan quest, they find Morwen's parents, who had been killed. After this, they met Eaoden as they fight Sharku. In the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, Morwen is wounded by the Nazgûl, and is temporarily unable to be used.

Her skills in The Third Age are the dual-axe and thief skills. The dual-axe skill allows her to use various attacks that are most effective to some enemies, such as wargs and Uruk-hai. Her thief skills allow her to steal various things from her enemies, such as health, AP, and even Skill points.

Morwen is one of the most unique characters in the game, due to her normal attack—being a double-strike. However, she is difficult to use, due to her low armor level, which leads to her defeat frequently in battles. It is a suggestion that players try to concentrate on her defense in the game.

Quotes from the GameEdit

Morwen: (Sticks her axe in an orc corpse) "I can only kill them once."

Morwen: (Picks up a pendant) "This was my mother's. She said it kept the Lord of the Nazgûl away. Father always laughed at that." (Looks into the cave) "I fear I may be entering their tomb."

Hadhod: Or perhaps ours, my lady. The wargs await us.

Rohan citizen: "That was the doing of a man called Grima."

Morwen: "Grima! Word of him has reached Gondor."

Berethor: "I thought you were of Rohan."

Morwen: "I once called Gondor my home. My father served the steward. Until we were banished. I believe Grima was behind it."

Hadhod: "Your people are a fearsome force on the open field, my lady"

Morwen: "I am not of Rohan. My family served the steward for many years. I once called Minas Tirith my home"

Morwen: [arriving at Helm's Deep ] I welcome death here. And I shall return the favour, many times over.  

Morwen: What chance do you give us, Master Dwarf?

Gimli: I hear this fortress has never fallen, not while Men defend it!

Morwen: [laughes, then serious] And what do you really think?

Gimli: No one here will survive.

Morwen: And why not?

Gimli: This is no rabble of mindless Orcs; these are Uruk-hai. Their armour is thick, their shields broad!

Morwen: And my sword cuts deep! [stabs the tabletop with a dagger]

Gimli: Remind me never to invite you to my home.

Morwen: "I was forced to marry a warrior who fled from that battle. For that we were banished. And, so was he."

Morwen: [gesturing to an attacking Ringwraith and Fell beast] "Do not let that thing feed on my people!"


Morwen wields a one-handed axe in each hand to deal serious damage and uses some thieving skills to steal more than just items.

Dual-Axe CraftEdit

Double Cleave A two-strike axe attack that does almost as much damage as the warg bane
Warg Bane A two-strike axe attack that does more damage to Wargs.
Battle Haste Speeds up time between Morwen's actions.
Uruk Bane A two-strike axe attack that does more damage to Uruk-hai.
Rage of the Maiden A more powerful dual-axe attack.
Poisoned Wounds A two-strike axe attack that inflicts Poison status.
Twin Wounds A two-strike axe attack that inflicts Seizure status.
Sneak Attack A two-strike axe attack that cannot be countered.
Paralyzing Wound A two-strike axe attack that inflicts Paralysis and Seizure status.
Wrath of Penmark A four-strike axe attack.
Stunning Cleave A two-strike axe attack that inflicts Stun status.
Valorous Cleave A two-strike axe attack with doubled accuracy in exchange for less damage.
Orc Bane A two-strike axe attack that does more damage to Orcs.
Rohirric Rampage A six-strike axe attack.

Thief CraftEdit

Steal Item Steals one random item from one enemy.
Seize Skill Steals one SP from one enemy.
Capture Strength Steals one enemy's strength.
Steal Action Steals AP from one enemy.
Steal Health Steals HP from one enemy.
Seize Dexterity Steals one enemy's dexterity.
Steal Experience Steals EXP points from one enemy.
Cloak of the Plains Casts Invisible status on Morwen.

Passive SkillsEdit

Snowbourne Sleep Gives Morwen chances to dodge enemy attacks.
Eorlingas Rally Increases Morwen's Momentum gain.
Hands of Rohan Increases Morwen's chances of hitting enemies.
Inspire Crafting Lowers AP cost from item crafting.
Justice of Balin Gives Morwen chances to counterattack.
Mearas Good Fortune Increases Morwen's damage input.
Blessing of Armor Slightly increases armor value of Morwen's equipment.
Overwhelming Blows Makes Morwen's attacks always land a Critical Hit in Perfect Mode.
Potion Hastening Lowers amount of time required to make potions.
Double Attack Takes two additional Dual-Axe Craft skills.


  • 3rd Age Rohirric Steel Mortising Axe - Damage 25
  • 3rd Age Morgul Iron Piercing Axe - Damage 29
  • 3rd Age Rohirric Gold Mortising Axe (Stolen From Grima Wormtongue in Snowbourne Village) - Damage 49
  • 3rd Age Rohirric Bronze Felling Axe - Damage 33
  • 3rd Age Rohirric Iron Battle Axe - Damage 56
  • 3rd Age Mordor Iron Battle Axe - Damage 67, also causes Weeping Blade attack
  • 3rd Age Rohirric Steel Double-Bit Axe - Damage 66
  • 3rd Age Battle Axe of Khazad-dum (Stolen from Gothmog in the battle early in the Osgiliath chapter) - Damage 67
  • 3rd Age Rohirric Gold Felling Axe (Stolen from the Nazgûl at the Third Gate in Minas Tirith.) - Damage 71
  • 3rd Age Dwarven Steel Walking Axe - Damage 91
  • 2nd Age Easterling Iron Broad Axe - Damage 80
  • 3rd Age Rohirric Silver Battle Axe (Stolen from the Witch-king of Angmar Pelennor Fields) - Damage 90
  • 2nd Age Easterling Steel Piercing Axe - Damage 108
    Morwen Character

    Morwen as seen in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II as a playable Hero

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