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These orcs were akin to the other Orcs. After Durin was killed, orcs began to raid Erebor, pillaging it of its gold, jewels, and Mithril. They were lead by Azog. When Thror came to reclaim Moria with Nar, they were blocked by Azog and the orcs at Azanulbizar while making their way toward Moria. Azog killed Thror, initiating The War of Dwarves and Orcs. The Dwarves hunted down Azog until he was killed by Dain II Ironfoot in The Battle of Azanulbizar. After Azog's death, his son Bolg led an army of Orcs to Erebor, where they lost terribly, and Bolg was slain. Later many orcs sent themselves from Isengard to invade and take over Moria. When the Dwarves, led by Balin, returned to Moria, the orcs attacked and killed them, though many were slain. After the destruction of Isengard, the orcs were driven out of Moria and the Dwarves reclaimed it.

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