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Morgul Orcs

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Morgul Orcs

Mordor, Minas Morgul, Morgul Vale


Black Speech (possibly), Westron, other Orc dialects

Average height

Between 5-6'

Skin color

Pale, jade-green

Hair color

Dark; usually none


Tall, slender, goblin-like features




Note: Material on this page largely concerns information depicted in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy, some of which may be missing from or may even contradict Tolkien's writings.

Morgul Orcs, more commonly known as the "Orcs of Minas Morgul", were some of the bravest but lesser Orcs in all of Mordor, originating directly in Minas Morgul.


Their highest leader was the Witch-King, who led the Siege upon Minas Tirith. But at Cirith Ungol hundreds of them were killed by their own Mordor orc brethren over Frodo's Mithril shirt, including Gorbag, one of their leaders. Eventually Shagrat brought the Mouth of Sauron the shirt and told the authorities of Barad-dûr that some rebel Morgul Orcs were on the loose since some escaped the pass of the spider. They seemed to have better quality armor than the general Mordor orcs, indicated by what Sam says in Cirith Ungol. Either that or they were simply more fitting to hobbits, indicating that they were smaller than the Orcs of Barad-dûr, a possibility seeing as the latter were Uruk-hai.

Notable Morgul OrcsEdit

  • Gorbag was a Morgul captain from Cirith Ungol.

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