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Bolg wielding the Morgul bow

The Morgul bow was a poisonous, long-range bow wielded by the Gundabad Orcs, who had taken the Morgul venom from the Morgul-blades of the Ringwraiths. The bow appears as a grimy, black bow with sharp black arrows. Unlike a morgul-blade, the victim does not turn into a wraith if not saved, but dies due to excruciating pain.


During the late Third Age, it is seen only once; wielded by the brutal Orc chieftain Bolg, who had shot an arrow from the bow and hit Kili. Likewise, the poison from the Morgul-blades continued to go through Kili until he became sick and was forbid to continue with the Company, but was healed with athelas and a Sindarin chant by Tauriel, who had came to Kili's aid in Lake-town.

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