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Mordirith, The False King, Steward of Carn Dum is a character created specifically for The Lord of the Rings Online. He served as the Steward of Angmar during the War of the Ring, as well as his emissary after the Fall of Fornost. He is the final boss when raiding the Carn Dûm instance. A Wraith, he used to be a Man before the Witch-king of Angmar transformed him into an evil being.


Mordirith was not always evil. He started as Eärnur, the Witch-king's greatest foe. A powerful captain and last king of Gondor before its decline, Eärnur led armies against nearly impossible odds, but in the end defeated Angmar though too late to save Arthedain and Arvedui. Several years after the battle the Witch-king sent him a challenge to a personal duel, which he refused, but seven years later it was sent again, calling him a coward. Eärnur had not forgotten the Witch-king's taunting during the Battle of Fornost, and he rode with a small company to Minas Morgul.

He and his company were never seen again. In The Lord of the Rings Online he was turned into a Wraith, presumably by the Witch-king's Morgul-blade. He was sent to a rebuilt Angmar to rule as the Witch-king's right hand and steward.


Mordirith was bound by a dark magic, making him a Wraith of darkness, personally answerable to the Witch-king. This Wraith-state meant he was, like the Nazgûl, suspended between life and death. On defeat he would always reshape in Minas Morgul and be reclothed to return. His powers were much like his master's from whom he claimed to receive his strength: He could summon and quench flames, create wraiths of his own, inspire debilitating terror, see far with his mind, repel any magic that came against him, weave powerful illusions, dominate lesser minds and become invisible (though as the steward of Angmar he rarely did the latter). He was also adept at politics, strategical warfare and influencing susceptible minds.

His presence and efforts were a great hindrance to the warriors of Middle-earth as they fought him during the War of the Ring.

Part in the WarEdit

Mordirith's part in the War was extremely straightforward: Raise an army to devastate Eriador, and then march on Gondor to meet with his dark master at the Battle of Minas Tirith, overwhelming the White Tower. At first, he did his part well, making alliances with many groups such the Blackwolds, Southrons, Ongburz orcs, and Wights of all kinds. He was not without foes, however, the greatest among these being, Lorniel, Laerdan, and the game's protagonist, the Player.

The Player first came into direct conflict with him when he entered Angmar just before the Fellowship left Rivendell. There he met up with Lorniel and Laerdan, who were chiefs of a hidden group of rangers in that kingdom. Lorniel and the Player attacked Mordirith at Carn Dûm via a secret route, but were defeated by his power. The Player escaped with the prisoner Golodir, whose mind was broken and would weigh down the rangers, but Lorniel (who was, in fact, Golodir's daughter) was killed at the Gate.

Mordirith was confident of his victory but still prepared for an attack by a vengeful Golodir and the Player. He did not expect, however, for Golodir to wield a weapon such as the Rivendell-forged sword Dunachar and was overcome by its mighty light, the Player's prowess, and his own overconfidence. Though the blade broke in the effort, it pierced Mordirith's chestplate and delivered a fatal blow. After Mordirith's first defeat his Palantír and stewardship were claimed by Amarthiel, Champion of Angmar.

His spirit driven to Minas Morgul, Mordirith begged his master for forgiveness and a chance to exact his revenge, but was bidden to wait. The Witch-king waited and watched as Amarthiel led Angmar as its new steward, but she was more intent on reclaiming her lost Narchuil, one of the Lesser Rings of Power, than on ruling Angmar effectively. When her ineptitude nearly caused Angmar's downfall at the Player's hands, Mordorith was sent back to resume his rule. Amarthiel then refused to give up her new station and attempted to use Narchuil's power on Mordirith. He defeated her and allowed his servant Mordrambor to take both Narchuil and her place as Angmar's new Champion. He quickly restored Angmar to its former glory and launched assaults across Eriador, believing that without Dunachar no one could stop him.

Amarthiel, who had been thrown down from her position as Stewardess of Angmar, repented and reclaimed her old Elven name Narmeleth, once again joining the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. Together with the Player she received a broken Dunachar from Golodir. The two snuck into the caverns beneath Barad Gularan, and in a great fury attacked Mordirith. During the battle the Steward of Carn Dûm summoned many illusions of prominent casualties from her reign as Amarthiel, including her own father Laerdan and her caretaker Sara Oakheart. Narmeleth eventually she lost her will to fight. Believing his victory to be complete, Mordirith finally ceased his illusions and showed his true form, throwing a fatally wounded Narmeleth to the floor. Mordirith gloated that no one would remember Narmeleth, but that the name Amarthiel would forever live on in history as a great Hero of Angmar, as would her father; Laerdan the Fool who caused Eriador's downfall. Enraged by his words, Narmeleth used Dunachar's broken hilt to stab Mordirith in the empty hood of his robes, ending his second reign. Narmeleth died of her wounds shortly after.


Mordirith was not in books or the films and was a character created solely for The Lord of the Rings Online as a boss character.