Mithrim and surrounding regions

Mithrim was a region of Hithlum in Middle-earth during the First Age.

Description and ClimateEdit

Mithrim formed a part of Hithlum, and was the south-eastern corner of it, bordering Dor-lómin to the west, from which it was divided by the Mountains of Mithrim. Mithrim's climate was the same as the climate of Hithlum, the air was cool and the winters were cold but it was a fair land.[1]


Here was fought the Dagor-nuin-Giliath between the forces of Fëanor and the Orcs of Morgoth.

The area was home to a great lake, the Lake of Mithrim, which was the body of water north of Beleriand where the Ñoldor first dwelt in Middle-earth: the Sons of Fëanor on the northern shore and Fingolfin's host on the southern shore. On FA 7, a council was held here and the Ñoldor chose Fingolfin to be their king.

The Ñoldor dwelt here for a while until their feud was healed, and they removed to other lands. Mithrim was also home to Sindarin Elves, who soon mingled with the Ñoldor after they had learned Sindarin.

Later in the First Age Mithrim was ruled by Fingolfin, as it formed the most densely populated part of Hithlum.[2][3]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሚጥሪም
Arabic ميتهريم
Armenian Միտհրիմ
Belarusian Мітhрім
Bengali মিথ্রিম
Bulgarian Митхрим ?
Chinese ? 米斯林
Dari میتهریم
Georgian მითრიმი
Greek Μιθριμ
Gujarati મિથ્રિમ
Hebrew םיתהרים
Kazakh Мітһрім
Kurdish میتهریم
Kyrgyz Митhрим
Macedonian Митхрим
Mongolian Митhрим
Nepali मिथ्रिम
Pashto میتهریم
Persian میتهریم ?
Russian Митрим
Sanskrit मिथ्रिम्
Serbian Митхрим (Cyrillic) Mithrim (Latinised)
Sinhala මිථ්‍රිම්
Tajik Митҳрим
Tamil மித்ஹ்ரிம்
Telugu మిథ్రిమ
Tigrinya ሚጥሪም
Ukrainian Мітгрім
Urdu میتهریم ?
Uyghur مىتھرىم
Uzbek Митҳрим (Cyrillic) Mithrim (Latinised)
Yiddish מיטהרים


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