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Mountain Trolls
Misty Mountain Troll
Name Misty Mountain Troll
Dominions Misty Mountains
Languages Trollish ?, Westron
Height 10-15 meters
Skin Color Grey
Hair Color Bald
Lifespan Long lived
Distinctions Very Tall, large & bulkly

The Misty Mountain Trolls lived most of their lives near the high pass in the Misty Mountains. Their physical bulk is outstanding: they tower over Trolls and yet they have some of the qualities of Orcs.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesEdit

Aside from Guldur War Trolls, these trolls are unlike any other seen previously. Being much larger than the average Troll and extremely hard to take down, they are some of Sauron's greatest weapons of war. Although their origins are unknown, they most likely hail from the northern Misty Mountains in Mount Gundabad.

This species of troll was created not by Tolkien, but by the makers of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, some ventured into the lair of the Orcs to get away from the sun. However a single group of them followed the goblins to Mount Gundabad and fought in the Battle of Five Armies. They are first seen with catapult mechanisms on their backs and Goblins operating it, in which they proceed to launch catapults at the the ruined city of Dale. They were all wiped out during later stages of the battle. Their leader, was an Ogre, who lifts his club in the air and brings it down hard, signaling the trolls to fire the catapults.

It is unknown what types of trolls these are, but it can be assumed that they may be large Mountain Trolls from Mount Gundabad.

In the extended edition, Azog commands his lieutenants "Send in the War Beasts." and a group of trolls charge out of the tunnels but are quickly shot down by Elven archers and Dwarf chariots. Alfrid Lickspittle's death is caused by a catapult mounted on top of a Misty Mountain Troll, as Alfrid is stuck in the catapult, he drops a coin on the lever which launches him into another War Beast, killing the war beast and Alfrid.

Earlier, a Misty Mountain Troll is flipped onto his back, causing the catapult to activate, launching him into the sky, then landing on a pile of Orcs.


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