Mirkwood warriors are warriors of the Woodland Realm.


In TA 2941, they participated in the Battle of the Five Armies. They are similar to the Galadhrim warriors and the Ñoldor Warriors, but they apparently have more variants in armour, for example, Thranduil's guards are silver, but the regular troops are golden, another type of warrior that can be considered a variant of these are the palace guards of Mirkwood, they mount guard over the Elven king's halls.

They wear more protective armour than the Galadhrim, but in comparison to the Ñoldor, they have the same protection, if not less, making them sturdy warriors that can cut through Goblin ranks with ease.[citation needed]


Gandalf: My lord, dispatch this force to Ravenhill. Thorin must be warned! Thranduil: By all means, warn him. I have spent enough Elvish blood in defense of this accursed land. No more!


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