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   * Aglarond
   * Aldburg
   * Andustar
   * Angband
   * Arda (Planet)
   * Argonath


   * Bag End
   * Barad-dûr
   * Black Gate (Middle-earth)
   * Bridge of Khazad-dûm


   * Carchost
   * Cirith Ungol
   * Coldfells
   * Crack of Doom


   * Dark Land
   * Dol Guldur
   * Dome of Stars
   * Doors of Durin
   * Doriath (first age)


   * East Beleriand (first age)
   * Eastfarthing (Shire Region)
   * East Road
   * Eithel Sirion
   * Elostirion
   * Enchanted Isles
   * Endless Stair
   * Eä


   * Falls of Rauros
   * Fens of Serech
   * Field of Celebrant
   * Fords of Isen
   * The Forsaken Inn


   * Gap of Rohan
   * Gladden Fields
   * Gorgoroth
   * Greenway (Middle-earth)


   * Haudh-en-Nirnaeth
   * Haven of the Eldar
   * Helm's Deep
   * Henneth Annûn
   * Hobbit-hole
   * Houses of Healing
   * Hyarnustar


   * Ilmen
   * Inn of the Prancing Pony
   * Isengard
   * Isenmouthe
   * Isle of Balar


  • * Land of the Sun

* Losgar * Luthany

  • Lothlorièn


   * Maglor's Gap
   * Marish
   * Meduseld
   * Middle-earth
   * Minas Tirith (First Age)
   * Minhiriath
   * Minor places in Middle-earth
   * Máhanaxar


   * Narchost
   * Nargothrond

N cont.

   * Núath


   * Old Ford (Middle-earth)
   * Old Forest
   * Old Forest Road
   * Orthanc


   * Parth Galen
   * Paths of the Dead
   * Pelennor Fields


   * Rath Dínen
   * Region (Middle-earth)
   * Regions of the Shire
   * Rivendell
   * The Rivers and Beacon-Hills of Gondor


   * Sarn Ford


   * Taur-en-Faroth
   * Taur-im-Duinath
   * Timeless Halls
   * Tol Brandir
   * Tol Galen
   * Tol Morwen
   * Tol-in-Gaurhoth
   * Tumladen


   * Utumno


   * Vaiya
   * Vista (Middle-earth)
   * The Void (Middle-earth)


   * Warning beacons of Gondor
Minor Places
  • Almaren (meaning blessed place) was an island in the Great Lake, the home of the Valar in the middle of Arda. It was at the place where the light of the Two Lamps mingled. Almaren was attacked and damaged by Melkor, and the Valar moved far to the West, to Valinor. According to some traditions, the island of Almaren survived the attack, and was the same island as Tol Eressëa.
  • Bamfurlong is the farmland of Farmer Maggot located in the Marish of the eastern part of the Shire. The boggy nature of the land makes for above ground habitation rather than the traditional hobbit-hole. Tolkien himself suggested the name Bamfurlong comes from Old English meaning roughly bean-field.
  • Cabed-en-Aras (translated as Leap of the Deer) was a deep gorge near Brethil through which the river Taeglin ran (mentioned in The Silmarillion). Túrin slew Glaurung when the dragon was trying to get through the ravine to attack Brethil. Later both were found by Nienor. As a result of Glaurung's machinations she cast herself down the ravine, which was later named Cabed Naeramarth, the Leap of Dreadful Doom. The spot was later considered haunted and even animals did not come there.
  • Carrock is a stony eyot in the upper reaches of the River Anduin, to the north of the Old Ford. In Chapter 7 of The Hobbit, Gandalf states that the steps from the base of the rock to the flat top were made by Beorn and that "Carrock" is Beorn's name for it. This is somewhat of a linguistical joke on Tolkien's part, since car in Anglo-Saxon means "rock".
  • Cerin Amroth is the mound of Amroth, where Elanor grows, that stood in the heart of Lórien and held the house of that king before he was lost. It was here that Aragorn and Arwen plighted their troth centuries later, and it was here where Arwen, after Aragorn's death, went to die.
  • Dimrost is a cascading waterfall on the stream of Celebros, where it flowed down to meet the River Taeglin on the borders of Brethil. The falls raise a fine spray into the air, from which they took their name, which means "Rainy Stair". Above Dimrost, the Men of Brethil had constructed a wooden bridge to cross the Celebros. From the bridge, a wide view could be seen, showing the Ravines of Taeglin two miles (3.2 kilometres) distant. When Níniel was first brought to Brethil, when she saw that view from the bridge, she started shivering uncontrollably - so much so that the name of Dimrost was changed to Nen Girith, the "Shuddering Water". It was only later that the cause of her foresightful fear was discovered: the Ravines she had seen from the bridge would be the place of her tragic death.
  • The Door of Night is a guarded portal in the distant West of the World, through which Morgoth was cast after his defeat in the War of Wrath. Its origins are unclear: according to some accounts, it was made by the Valar as a passage for the Sun, which would return into the World through the Gates of Morning in the east. According to others, though, it was made expressly as a gateway through which to expel Morgoth. The Door of Night was guarded by Eärendil, bearing his Silmaril aloft in his shining ship Vingilot.
  • The Walls of Night are the extraordinary walls that surrounded Arda in ancient times, beyond Ekkaia, the Encircling Sea. In the west and east of the World, Ekkaia was wide, and the Walls were a great distance from land. In the north and south, however, the Encircling Sea was much narrower. This was how Melkor returned into the World during the Years of the Lamps of the Valar, coming secretly over the Walls of Night into the north of Arda, and building there his fortress of Utumno beyond the knowledge of the Valar.

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