The Mindon Eldaliéva, also known as Mindon or the Tower of Ingwë, was a tower in the city of Tirion on the hill of Túna.


Built in honor of Ingwë, the High King of the Elves sometime during the Noontide of Valinor, the Mindon Eldaliéva is the tallest tower in Tirion and overlooked the sea with a great silver lamp. Next to the tower in the courts below stood the Galathilion, the white-tree of the Eldar and the House of Finwë. After the poisoning of the Two Trees by Morgoth and Ungoliant during the Darkening of Valinor, fogs drifted through the Calacirya from the Shadowy Seas caused the light from its tower to burn with a pale gloom. It was here below the tower that Fëanor and his seven sons swore their terrible oath to retrieve the Silmarils and defeat Morgoth.

The departing Ñoldor observed the light shining from the tower as a last reminder of fair beauty of Aman as they marched their way through Araman on their way into exile in Middle-earth. After the Doom of Mandos was pronounced, Finarfin some of his already reluctant followers turned back and came back to Tirion and stood once again under its light.[1][2][3]


Mindon Eldaliéva is Quenyan.[4]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሚንዶን ዐልዳሊአቫ
Arabic الداليفا ميندون
Armenian Մինդոն Ելդալիևա
Belarusian Cyrillic Міндон Елдаліева
Bengali মিনডন এলডালিয়েভা
Bulgarian Cyrillic Миндон Елдалиева
Chinese 明登·艾尔达丽瓦
Georgian მინდონ ელდალიევა
Greek Μινδον Ελδαλιέυα
Gujarati મિન્દોન ઍલ્દલિએવ
Hebrew םינדון ילדאלייוא ?
Hindi मिन्दोन एल्दलिएव
Japanese みんどん えlだぃえゔぁ
Kannada ಮಿಂಡಾನ್ ಎಳ್ದಲಿಎವ
Kazakh Міндон Елдаліева (Cyrillic) Mindon Eldalieva (Latin)
Korean 민돈 엘다 리에 바
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Миндон Элдалиэва
Lao ມມນດໂນ ເຣດະຣິເvະ ?
Macedonian Cyrillic Миндон Елдалиева
Marathi मिन्दोन एल्दलिएव
Mongolian Cyrillic Миндон Елдалиева
Nepalese मिन्दोन एल्दलिएव
Pashto میندون ېلدالیېوا ?
Persian میندون هلدالیهوا ?
Punjabi ਮਿਨ੍ਦੋਨ ਏਲ੍ਦਲਿਏਵ
Russian Миндон Эльдалиэва
Sanskrit मिन्दोन् एल्दलिएव
Serbian миндон Елдалиева (Cyrillic) Mindon Eldalieva (Latin)
Sindhi ميندن اللاليفا
Sinhalese මිඳොන් ඒල්දලිඑව
Tajik Cyrillic Миндон Елдалиева
Tamil மிந்தொந் ஏல்தலிஎவ​
Telugu మిన్దొన ఏల్దలిఎవ
Thai ?
Ukrainian Cyrillic Міндон Елдаліева
Urdu مانداون الدالیوا
Uzbek Миндон Элдалиева (Cyrillic) Mindon Eldalieva (Latin)
Yiddish מינדאָן עלדאַליעוואַ
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