Minalcar's Defeat of the Easterlings

Conflict: Second Easterling War
Date: TA 1248
Place: Lands between Rhovanion and the Sea of Rhûn
Outcome: Decisive Gondor victory
Gondor Easterlings
Minalcar Unnamed Easterling commander
A large army of formidable number A large army of formidable number
Unknown, probably light Very Heavy

Minalcar's Defeat of the Easterlings was a battle between Gondor and the Easterlings in the mid-Third Age.



For an unknown number of years before and during the inactive King Narmacil I's rule, the Easterlings began attacking Gondor and the west again apparently conducting raids on Gondor's Northman allies in Rhovanion. However, Gondor never faced them in any major open battle solely on their own preferring to rely on their allies to check the invaders. This changed when word reached Minalcar, the Regent of Gondor that some of their Northman allies were unreliable and at times fought on the side of the Easterlings out of promises of a share in the spoils of war, greed, or out of the need of allies to aid in the settling of feuds between their princes.[1]

The BattleEdit

Finding this situation unacceptable, Minalcar assembled a great army and marched it out of Gondor and met a large Easterling army somewhere between Rhovanion and the Sea of Rhûn. Minalcar utterly defeated them with possibly only minimal losses. The losses however for the Easterlings were devastating as Minalcar's armies obliterated all their encampments east of the Sea of Rhûn, threatening both the realm of Rhovanion and Gondor.[1]


Minalcar's victory marked the end of the Second Easterling War putting an end to any further attacks by the Easterlings on Gondor and the Northman realm of Rhovanion, as well as their influence on its people. Minalcar declared himself 'Rómendacil' increasing his popularity at home. Gondor's victory led to the west shore fortifications on the Anduin and the building of the Argonath. The Northman of Rhovanion were also brought under full influence of Gondor.[1]


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