The term 'Men of the West' is a general term that refers to the Edain or Atani, the men who were friends with the elves in the First and Second Age of Middle-earth. In the Third and Fourth Age, this term refers to several groups of men, including men of Rohan and Gondor. Other men included in this general designation include the men of Breeland, the men of Dale and may also be applicable to Hobbits, as Hobbits are considered a race of men. During the War of the Ring, this term was used to refer to the Edain who ventured forth to challenge the armies of Mordor.

More specifically, 'Men of The West' may also refer to men who are descended from the survivors of Numénor. But overall, any person who is descended from the houses of Haleth, Bëor or Hador may claim this title.

Assorted lands of the Edain:

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