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Rhudaur Spearmen

Rhudaur Spearmen led by a Thrall Master

In the video game The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-king, the Men of Rhudaur are corrupted servants of Angmar and the Witch-King. They lived in Rhudaur, the smallest and most eastern of the kingdoms that resulted from the break-up of Arnor. The Rhudaur Men are Rhudaur Spearmen (Men who have sharp spears), Rhudaur Axemen (Men who throw sharp axes) and Thrall Masters (Who summons Gundabad Orcs and Wolf Riders and others). Hwaldar the Chieftain of Rhudaur was their leader. Hwaldar was defeated by Arnorians, Angmar came to free Hwaldar and destroyed the two camps of Arnorians and the Dúnedain. Argeleb I and his army was wiped out and Rhudaur is now under Angmar's control.

Hwaldar 2

Hwaldar, the evil Chieftain being hosted by the Arnorians, as shown in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-king the Witch-King.


The Dunlendings were a tribe of hill-men that chose to live in the fields of Dunland. Those of the Withered Heath, known as Mountain men, were all killed when the Dragons came from Angband in the north. Most of the hill-men of Middle-earth were there before the Númenóreans came from over the sea. Others were Númenórean outcasts or criminals who joined the hill-men. Hill-men mainly fought with spears or hunting bows, and chieftains commonly used crude wooden or old iron shields. The hill-men learned to hate the Númenóreans as they killed many hill-men during their search for lands to settle.

A group of Hill-men of Rhudaur begin to rebel against Arnor, led by Hwaldar. Hwaldar is seized and arrested, but Morgomir recognizes a valuable ally to control the Hill-men of Rhudaur. The Witch-king and his army eliminate the Loyalists and recruit the rebels. Soon after, they destroy the Dúnedain guarding Hwaldar and free him. They then proceed to attack the mighty Arnor fortresses in Rhudaur, but the attack (while successful on one fortress) weakens the Angmar forces badly and King Argeleb I soon arrives to finish them off. Morgomir brilliantly trains the Thrall Masters to replenish the Angmar army and wipe out King Argeleb and his army. They then destroy the other fortress, claiming total control over Rhudaur.[1]



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