The Men of Dale were the inhabitants of the city state of Dale. They came from the area around the Lonely Mountain.

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Men of Dale, when the dragon came.


The Men of Dale were descendants of the Northmen who populated Rhovanion throughout the many ages. Their capital was the city state of Dale and later remnants fled to Laketown. The Men of Dale were allied with the Dwarves in TA 2456 when Orcs from Mordor attacked.

In TA 2770, Smaug descended upon both Lonely Mountain and Dale probably from somewhere in Grey Mountains. He attacked and burned much of their town. Over two-hundred years after the destruction of Dale in TA 2941, one particular man named Bard the Bowman shot Smaug through a gap in his scaly armor with his Black Arrow with information from a Thrush that had contact with Thorin and Company. Thereafter, the Men of Dale's symbol was a Black Arrow so honoring the famous bowman. In TA 3019 during the War of the Ring, they aided the Dwarves in defending the Lonely Mountain from the Easterling Empire.[1][2]

In addition to many of them being competent in Westron, they also spoke their own language, generally termed "Dalish" and resembling the North Germanic languages.[2]


The Men of Dale are named after their home city of Dale, which is derived from the English word meaning "valley", in turn derived from Proto-Germanic *dalan, with cognates in Old Norse (dalr), Gothic and Dutch (dal), and German (Thal).[3] Another common name for them towards the end of the Third Age was Bardings, meaning "followers of Bard", -ing being a patrynomic suffix and Bard meaning Bard the Bowman, the first restored king of Dale and the slayer of Smaug.[2]

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit film trilogyEdit

In Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" film trilogy, the Men of Dale (as well as Lake-town) are directly derived from medieval Russian influences (i.e., Kievan Rus' and its successor states). For instance, the warriors of Dale (adorned with conical, medieval Russian-style furred helmets and heavily-furred garbs) appear like the knights and warriors of the Rus' states of old.

Of course, due to the intricate nature of medieval Russian ethno-history, one can also detect Nordic, Baltic, Finnic, and Turkic influences as well. Essentially, the films clearly utilizes medieval Russian influences to depict the Men of Dale (and Lake-town) as a part of the East.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Manne van Dale
Albanian Njerëzit e Dale
Arabic رجال من ديل
Armenian Տղամարդիկ Դալե
Azerbaijani Kişi Dale
Basque Dale gizonen
Belarusian Cyrillic Мужчыны даліна
Bengali ডেল এর পুরুষদের
Bosnian Ljudi od Dejla
Breton Goured a Draoñienn ?
Bulgarian Cyrillic Мъжете на долина
Cebuano Mga tawo sa Dale
Cambodian បុរសនៃដលោកដេល
Catalan Homes de Dóna-li
Chinese 谷的男人
Cornish Tus a Nans
Croatian Ljudi od Dejla
Czech Muži z Dol
Danish Mænd af Dal
Dutch Mannen van Dal
Esperanto Viroj de Dale
Estonian Mehed Dale
Faroese Dalur av Dale
Filipino Mga lalaking taga Dale
Finnish Miehet Laakso
French Hommes de Dale
Frisian Mannen fen Dale
Galician Gomes de Dale
Georgian მამაკაცები ძალეი
German Männer von Thal
Greek Άνδρες της Δαλε
Haitian Creole Moun lavil Dale
Hebrew גברים של דייל
Hindi डेल के पुरुषों
Hungarian Férfiak Suhatag
Icelandic Menn af Dale
Indonesian Orang Dale
Irish Gaelic Fir de Dale
Italian Uomini di Dale
Javanese Wong Dale
Kannada ಡೇಲ್ ಮೆನ್
Kazakh Cyrillic Дейл ерлер
Korean 데일의 남자들
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Дейл эркектер
Laotian ຜູ້ຊາຍຂອງດະຣເ ?
Latin Viri Dale
Latvian Vīri Dale
Lithuanian Vyrai Dale
Luxembourgish Männer vun Dale
Macedonian Cyrillic Мажите на Дејл
Malagasy Lehilahy amin'ny Dale
Malay Lelaki Dale
Maltese Irġiel ta 'Dale
Marathi डेल लोक
Nepalese डेल को पुरुष
Norwegian Menn av Dal
Pashto د نارينه دره
Persian مردان دیل
Polish Mężczyzn z Dal
Portuguese Homens de Vale
Punjabi ਡੇਲ ਦੇ ਪੁਰਸ਼
Romanian Bărbați din Vale
Russian Бардинги
Sanskrit डाल मौकुन्द
Scottish Gaelic Fir de Dale
Serbian Мен оф Долина (Cyrillic) Ljudi od Dolina (Latin)
Sesotho Banna ba Dale
Sinhalese ඩේල් මිනිසුන්
Slovak Muži Dale
Slovenian Možje Dolec
Somalian Niman yahow reer Dale
Spanish Hombres de Valle
Sudanese Lalaki ti Dale
Swedish Män i Dal
Tajik Cyrillic Мардони Дейл
Tamil டேல் ஆண்கள்
Telugu డేల్ మెన్
Thai ผู้ชายของหุบเขา
Turkish Dale Erkekleri
Vietnamese Đàn ông của Dale
Welsh Dynion o Dale
Ukrainian Cyrillic чоловіки долина
Uzbek Дале Эркаклар (Cyrillic) Dale Erkaklar (Latin)
Yiddish מענטשן פון דייל


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