A patron of Barliman's tavern in Bree.

The Men of Bree, also known as Bree-folk, are the Men who lived in the village of Bree. The people who lived in the surrounding villages of Combe, Staddle, and Archet could also be referred to as Men of Bree (though some who lived there were hobbits). They are hardy folk who even beat off an attack of Saruman's ruffians towards the end of the War of the Ring.

Description & Historical accounts Edit

The Men of Bree were mostly of Dunlendish stock who were probably in the area from as far back as the Second Age by those escaping the influence of Sauron. The early Third Age seems to be when the village was properly founded and the townfolk became more civilised, unlike their wild kin-folk living in Dunland.[1]

When the Dúnedain exiled from Númenor came to Middle-earth in the latter-half of the Second Age, the Men of Bree became part of Arnor, and after it became divided, the Kings of Cardolan claimed it; however, from the early 15th century onward it retained a certain degree of independence.[2]

The Men of Bree also lived with Hobbits (the only Men-folk to do so) who fled from the threat of Angmar that began arriving in TA 1300.[3]

The Men of Bree lived mostly in houses on Bree-hill[4] and usually met and socialised at the Inn of the Prancing Pony. They were not keen on travelling, but were generally welcoming to strangers and visitors.[5]

Family names Edit

References Edit

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