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Tapestry of Léod and Felaróf
Name Mearas
Skin Color
Hair Color
Lifespan As long as Men (approx. 80 years)
Distinctions Strong, wild, intelligent
Members Felaróf, Shadowfax

The Mearas were a breed of wild horses in the north of Middle-earth. They surpass normal horses in intelligence, speed and strength. According to lore, the ancestors of the Mearas were brought from the West by Béma.[1]


They were descended from Felaróf, who was tamed by the first King of Rohan, Eorl.[1] The descendants of Felaróf would later become the mounts of the King of Rohan, and would bear no one except for the Kings of the Mark and their sons.

During the Third Age, Gandalf was given consent to ride Shadowfax, Lord of the Mearas.[2] Shadowfax continued to accompany Gandalf throughout the latter half War of the Ring. He was also present at the Grey Havens when Gandalf sailed to Valinor.[3]


The name Mearas simply means "horses" in Old English. Its singular form is mearh.

Other versions of the legendariumEdit

In other versions, the Mearas were descended from the horses of the Men of Westernesse which they brought over the Great Seas.[4]

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