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Mahud was Games-Workshop's name for the Men of Far Harad who rode, or "piloted", the Mûmakil.


The Men of Far Harad were given no specific name by Tolkien, but Games-Workshop decided to call them "Mahud", perhaps inspired by Indian elephant-tamers called "mahout". As depicted in Peter Jackson's movies, they were the Men who first tamed the Mûmakil, but also they have a population of Half-trolls with pupil-black skin, blood-red tongues, and snowy-white eyes. The "Mahud" dwell in jungles that lay south of Haradwaith, and they are as close to the Girdle of Arda as North-Hemisphere territory gets. They've never received any just-for-them attacks because they've only ever gone to battle as allies of the Southrons, Corsairs, and Variags. A few far-travelling armies even find services under Rhûnic Contracts by the Easterlings. It is known that they would very well use clubs, spears, and javelins (throwing), but the question that only they can answer is: do they use blowpipes? Or do they have enough bamboo for bows and arrows? They are known for their presence on Pelennor Fields as the third allies of the Southron counterattack, with Khand second, and Rhûn first, all lead by someone titled "Black Serpent". It is unknown what the people of Far Harad were like after the War of the Ring, but surely they have found some way to make peace with the Men of Gondor as the Easterlings and Variags and Southrons did. There were many types of Mahud; Haradrim spear Mahud, Haradrim archer Mahud, Mûmak Mahud and Half-troll Mahud.[1][2]


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