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Maglor's Gap was a lowland region in Middle-earth lying between Himring and the Blue Mountains, the widest break in the northern mountain-fences of Beleriand.

The region was a combination of scrublands, thickets, and light and heavy forest areas. It was also somewhat cold at times as it was close to the north and the realm of Morgoth.[1]


Maglor's Gap was guarded against the forces of Morgoth in the early First Age by Maglor, second son of Fëanor. During the Dagor Bragollach, they were defeated; Maglor fled to Himring, along with most survivors of the battle in that region. After the War of Wrath, Maglor's Gap was destroyed and was lost under the waves along with the rest of the Beleriand.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic فجوة ماجلور
Chinese (Hong Kong) 梅格洛爾低谷
Croatian Maglor je Jaz
Czech Maglorova brána
Dutch Maglor's Kloof
French Brèche de Maglor
German Maglors Lücke
Greek Μαγλορ'ς Γαπ
Gujarati મગ્લોર્ઽસ ગપ
Italian Maglor's Divario
Japanese マグロールのギャップ
Polish Szczerba Maglora
Russian Врата Маглора
Serbian Маглор'с Гап (Cyrillic) Маglor je Jaz (Latinised)
Siamese (Thai) ช่องแคบมากลอร์
Spanish Hondonada de Maglor
Tamil மக்லொர்'ஸ் கப்
Turkish Maglor Geçidi
Yiddish מאַגלאָר ס ריס


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  2. The Silmarillion: Quenta Silmarillion

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