Maggot's Lane was road in The Marish part of the Shire that led to Farmer Maggot's farm.

The road was located about five miles south of Ferry Lane were it split off from the main road. The road was lined with hedges at the point closest to the farmstead. It was about a mile and half in total length from the Causeway to the farmstead.[1]


The road was probably built by Mr. Maggot (hence the name) when he began farming there sometime in the thirteenth century of the Third Age. On September 25, 3018, Frodo, Sam, and Pippin passing through the fields of The Marish found that they had passed through the hedges that lined the road leading to the gate of the farmstead. Mr. Maggot drove the hobbits along this road and up the Causeway to the Bucklebury Ferry.[2]


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