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Madril portrayed in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Also Known As
Late Third Age ? - March, 3019

Madril was a Ranger of Ithilien under the command Faramir, at Henneth Annûn and at Osgiliath.

Potrayal in adaptationsEdit

Madril is portrayed by John Bach, appearing in The Two Towers and The Return of the King. He is both an adviser and a second-in-command to Faramir, and accompanies Faramir on his mission of the Battle of Osgiliath. He commanded some archers during the Battle of Osgiliath but he is severely wounded during the battle and is thought to be dead when the Men of Gondor retreat. He is then seen lying defensless, before being killed by Gothmog with an orcish spear.[1]

Voice Dubbing actorsEdit

Foreign Language Voice dubbing artist
Portuguese (Brazil) (Television/DVD) Nestor Chiesse (TTT) / Wellington Lima (ROTK)
Spanish (Latin America) Roberto Mendiola (TTT) / Sebastián Llapur (ROTK)
Spanish (Spain) Adrià Frías
German Reinhard Brock
Czech (Czech Republic) Bedřich Štětena
Italian (Italy) Claudio Puglisi
Turkish Uğur Aslanoğlu


  1. The Two Towers

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