Middle-earth PBM (MEPBM) is a Turn-Based Long-Term Multi-Player Strategy Team game, run by ME Games Ltd, under licence to GSI:

Players work together in two teams, the Free Peoples and the Dark Servants, to battle for dominance over Middle-earth. Various modules are set at different times during both the Third and Fourth Ages of Middle-earth. Each player controls up to 21 characters, plus armies, companies, population centers, etc.


Many games, whether played online or around a table, take place in real-time. The action is either continuous, or, at most, you have a few minutes to think about what to do next. Middle-earth Strategic Gaming, on the other hand, is turn-based. At regular intervals players will receive a report, or turn, giving all the information about their position in the game. Then, based on this report and those of their team-mates, they decide what to do next.


An average game of MEPBM lasts between six months and two years, with up to a fortnight between turns. This may sound like a very slow way of playing a game, but during that fortnight players can talk with team-mates, discuss options, and make plans. And, since each position can have hundreds of different pieces, each of which can be instructed to do many different things, a fortnight is not a long time at all!


Each game consists of up to 25 players striving to achieve domination of Middle-earth.


Middle-earth is a strategy game. Which is to say that it is played with pieces on a map, and these pieces move and act according to fixed rules, based on the orders that are given to them. However, detailed battle reports, duels, riddles to solve and people to encounter do serve to capture the feel and flavour of Middle-earth.

Team Game

Two teams of up to 15 players battle against each-other, the Free Peoples against the Dark Servants of Mordor. Players can join with friends to form a team, or, if a player chooses to join on their own, they will be placed in a team. Although there are various ratings by which a player can judge their individual performance, the game is won or lost as a team.

For More Details

For further details of this game, including virtual tours, visit the ME Games Ltd website:

                       screenshot from the free game software

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