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Long Lake

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Long Lake

Location of the Long Lake

The Long Lake was an oval-shaped lake situated at the confluence of the Forest River and the northern reaches of the River Running south of the Lonely Mountain.

The lake was about twenty miles from north to south, and about five miles from east to west.[1][2]


Long Lake by Jeremiah Humphries

An artist depiction of the Long Lake

The town of Laketown, referring to this lake, was (twice) built entirely upon the lake itself, which thus formed a natural moat.[3] After Smaug's demise, his dying body fell into the lake with a mighty crash.[4] Smaug's remains could be seen sticking out of the water from the shore of the lake, but people feared them and treasure-hunters did not dare approach the carcass.[4]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic بحيرة طويلة
Chinese (Hong Kong) 長湖
Bulgarian Дълги езерото
Czech Dlouhé jezero
French Long Lac
Finnish Pitkäjärvi
German Langer See
Hebrew אגם ארוך
Hindi लंबी झील
Hmong Ntev lub pas dej
Italian Lago lungo
Korean 긴 호수
Lithuanian Llgas ežeras
Macedonian долго Езеро
Malayalam ലോംഗ് തടാകം
Maltese Lag twila
Polish Jezioro długie
Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) Lago Comprido
Punjabi ਲੰਮੇ ਲਾਕੇ
Romanian Lacul lung
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Lago Largo
Swedish Långa sjön
Turkish Uzun göl
Urdu طویل جھیل
Uzbek Uzoq Leyk
Welsh Llyn hir
Yiddish לאנג לייק
Norwegian Langsjø

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