Many Orcs and Uruks in Peter Jackson's movies, Middle Earth games and FanFilms were not in Tolkien's books. This list will show their names.

The Fellowship of the RingEdit

The Two TowersEdit

The Return of the KingEdit

An Unexpected JourneyEdit

The Desolation of SmaugEdit

The Battle of the Five ArmiesEdit

Born of HopeEdit

The Hunt for GollumEdit

The Battle for Middle EarthEdit

Guardians of Middle EarthEdit

Middle Earth-Shadow of MordorEdit

  • Ratbag

War in the NorthEdit

Games WorkshopEdit

Scott's War GamingEdit

  • Groblog

Mini-War GamingEdit

  • Ashrâk

LOTR OnlineEdit

  • Morflak
  • Farmak
  • Gluthrak
  • Golb
  • Hoital
  • Maitum
  • Thak
  • Urbhar
  • Urdan

Many Others

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