Aeglos also known as Snowthorn, was a plant that grew on Amon Rûdh in the West Beleriand during the First Age.[1]


Alfirin was an Elvish name for the flower Men called simbelmynë (they also used the name uilos for the same flower).


Athelas, also known as Kingsfoil, was a healing herb that grew throughout Middle-earth.


Culumalda was a type of tree that grew in Ithilien specifically on the Field of Cormallen.


Elanor was a golden, star-shaped flower that grew in Lothlórien.[2]


Lairelossë was a fragrant tree that grew on the island of Númenor.[3]


Laurinquë was a golden-flowered tree in Númenor. Like Lairelossë, it was brought from Tol Eressëa by the Elves.[3]


Lavaralda was a tree with long green leaves and was brought by the Elves from Tol Eressëa.


Lebethron was tree that grew in Ithilien. The staves Faramir gave to Frodo and Sam were made from Lebethron.[4]


Lissuin was a fragrant flower of Tol Eressëa. It was brought by the Elves.[3]


Mallorn was a kind of large Elven tree. These trees originally grew in Tol Eressëa but were taken by Galadriel to Lothlórien.[3]


Nessamelda was a kind of tree brought by the Elves to Númenor.[3]


Niphredil was a white flower that grew during Luthien's birth.[5] Niphredil was also found in Lothlórien.


Oiolairë was a kind of tree that grew in Nísimaldar, brought by the Elves from Tol Eressëa.[3] The Elves of Eressëa used to set a branch of oiolairë upon their ships "in token of friendship with Ossë and Uinen.


Pipe-weed, also known as Halflings' Leaf, was a tobacco strain grown by the Hobbits of the Shire.


Seregon was a kind of blood-red flower that grew on Amon Rûdh.[6]


Simbelmynë was a small white flower that grew in Rohan, particularly on graves and tombs.[7]


Taniquelassë was a tree brought by the Elves from Tol Eressëa.[3]


See more: Simbelmyne


Vardarianna was a tree brought by the Elves from Tol Eressëa.[3]


Yavannamírë was a tree brought by the Elves from Tol Eressëa. It had scarlet fruits that grew in Númenor. The name meant "Jewel of Yavanna".[3]


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