Letter 92 is the ninty-second letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Tolkien was upbeat that Christopher had delighted in the following three parts of the Ring and let him know new transfers ought to contact him around December 10 and January 14. He said that Sam was the most firmly drawn character, the successor to Bilbo, and the bona fide hobbit. Frodo was less intriguing on the grounds that he must be honorable. The book would presumably end with Sam since Frodo would be excessively honored and thin by the Quest and would go into the West with all the considerable figures. Sam would settle down to the Shire. Charles Williams said the immense thing is the inside is not in strife and war and chivalry but rather in opportunity, peace, normal life and great enjoying. Yet he concurred that these exceptionally things obliged the presence of an awesome world outside of the Shire.

Christopher had composed Harebell and improved it to Hairbell. Tolkien had once gazed upward the names in the wake of belligerence with an obstinate researcher. The old name was harebell, and alludes to the hyacinth, not the campanula. Hairbell was an invented modification made by nosy book-botanists, and Tolkien then continued to examine the root of foxglove. Why these blossoms had creature related names was obscure. Maybe, pondered Tolkien, they relied on upon lost brute tales and he thought it is fascinating to make a few tales to fit the names.

Tolkien inquired as to whether Christopher was all the while naming anonymous blooms that he found. Tolkien said his best developments were elanor and nifredil, in spite of the fact that he preferred the Anglo-Saxon symbelmynë. He thought he would concoct some more for Sam's greenhouse at last

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