Letter 78 is the seventy-eighth letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Tolkien told his son that he precisely read his letters and that it was a good fit for him to open his disturbed heart, however not to imagine that any piece of his outside life was not of hobby. He was happy that Christopher was discovering it less demanding to "rub along". Try not to stress over any declension of your exclusive expectations, said Tolkien; a bit of thickening of the external skin would secure the more delicate inside and be of worth in later life. One disclosure was that values regularly hide under terrifying appearances. Uruk-hai is just a more interesting methods of expression; there are no honest to goodness Uruks, or people made awful by their producer's aim or thereabouts adulterated as to be irredeemable. Tolkien conceded that numerous people appeared to be irredeemable shy of an extraordinary wonder, particularly in Deutschland and Nippon, however no nation had an imposing business model on such.

Christopher's works about African, the dryness, clean, and smell of the satan-licked area, helped Tolkien to remember his mom. She abhorred it as an area and was frightened that Tolkien's dad was developing to like it. It was said no English-conceived ladies could ever get over this aversion yet that Englishmen (in peacetime) did get the chance to cherish it. Christopher's compositions, even those inconvenient, expanded in Tolkien an aching to see it all once more. Much as he adored the English field he was most blended by space and infertility, and his heart still waited in high stony squanders of mountain-destruction. Man can't live on bread alone and without uncovered rock, pathless sand, and unharvested oceans he would develop to despise every single green thing as fungoid development.

Tolkien felt dry of any motivation for the The Lord of the Rings, feeling only idleness to be succeed. One reason he missed his child was for the will to accomplish it.