Letter 72 is the seventy-second letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Tolkien had been to an Inklings meeting where a part of Warnie Lewis' book on Louis XIV had been listened, alongside a few portions from C.S. Lewis' Who Goes Home? (Tolkien recommended ought to be called Hugo's Home).

Whatever is left of his time (notwithstanding errands) had been involved by a urgent endeavor to bring "The Ring" to a suitable delay, Frodo's catch, before he was obliged to perform looking at. By sitting up all hours he had done it and read the last two parts ("Shelob's Lair" and "The Choices of Master Samwise") to C.S. Lewis. Lewis had been moved to tears by the last part.

Sam's name, said Tolkien, was not short for Samuel but rather for Samwise, Old English for "Dolt". His dad's name Ham originated from Hamfast, which was Old English for "Stay-at-home". That class of Hobbits more often than not had extremely Saxon names. Tolkien would have favored Goodchild over Gamgee in the event that he thought Christopher would have permitted it.

Tolkien wanted to get his eight new sections wrote and sent to Christopher. Be that as it may, he had not done any genuine composition for a couple of days, having needed to sweat at Section Papers and manage a punctured bike tire.

Continuing the letter on June 3, Tolkien clarified that the hole happened so that he could get a few sections wrote to send. He had completed two. He reported being progressively shattered to hear vile remarks of elderly and moronic men of honor as united armed forces attracted close to Rome. On another event, he had been feasting with Rice-Oxley soon after the decision to the Rectorship of Lincoln had been declared. A school ace noisily announced, "Thank paradise they didn't choose a Roman Catholic to the Rectorship". Tolkien's visitor whispered, "Models of affability and obligingness!"

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