Letter 69 is the sixty-ninth letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Tolkien had composed a certain measure of The Lord of the Rings the day preceding however he had been blocked by expecting to clean up his study and managing the moon. It was doing unimaginable things, for example, ascending in one piece of the nation and setting all the while in another, and the fixes had retained throughout the evening.

Fr. Douglas Carter had given a sermon recommending that his group were untutored robots for not saying Grace and professed Oxford meriting to be wiped out with flame and blood in the fierceness of God for the detestations and mischievousness there executed. Tolkien concurred with his appraisal and thought about whether it were particularly genuine at this point. Tolkien felt the mass of everlasting human wrongdoing: old, terrible, perpetual monotonous constant hopeless evil. One knew there was great however significantly more covered up. He expected that in every individual experience the equalization was charge.

Tolkien saw C.S. Lewis and heard two sections of his Who Goes Home? and Tolkien read his new section, "Excursion to the Cross-Roads". Presently the stub was advancing, he said, when strings must be accumulated, times synchronized, and the account joined. The story had developed so much that before portrayals of the closing parts were very lacking.

In chapel the day preceding Tolkien had gotten a thought for a story. A man sitting at a high window would see one little parcel (greenhouse measured) however would see it all through the ages from the Paleolithic to Today. While the plants and creatures changed fabulously the men would not change by any means (with the exception of dress). At whatever point discussion happened the individuals would dependably say the same thing, for example, "It oughtn't to be permitted… "

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