Letter 52 is the ffity-second letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Christopher Tolkien, aged eighteen, had been called into the Royal Air Force and was in preparing.

Tolkien guaranteed that his political suppositions inclined progressively to Anarchy (rationally comprehended) or to "unlawful" Monarchy. He would capture any individual who utilized "State" with the exception of in the soulless sense and on the off chance that they didn't abjure, execute them! He needed to come back to individual names—government is a unique thing importance administering and it ought to be an offense to compose it with a capital G or to allude to individuals. On the off chance that individuals alluded to "Lord George's board, Winston and his group" it would help clear thought and decrease the slide into "Theyocracy".

The correct investigation of Man is definitely not Man, said Tolkien. The most uncalled for occupation was the bossing of other men. Not one in a million was fit for it, in particular the individuals who looked for it. The mediævals were just too right in taking nolo episcopari as the best explanation behind making a man a priest. Give me a lord, pronounced Tolkien, generally inspired by stamps, railroads, or race-stallions; and who has the ability to sack his Vizier for the cut of his trousers. Be that as it may, that just works when all the world is messing along in the same great old wasteful human way. The factious, vain Greeks figured out how to force it off against Xerxes; yet the terrible scientists and architects have put such power into Xerxes' hands that nice society don't appear to have a shot. We are all attempting to do the Alexander-touch that orientalized him and his officers. The Greece that was worth sparing from Persia died in any case. The exceptional loathsomeness is that the present world was all in one pack with no place to travel to. The main splendid spot was the developing propensity for displeased men of dynamiting processing plants and force stations.

Cheers to you, said Tolkien. It was a dull age however they had a solace: they generally would not know or somewhere in the vicinity much love what they did love. The fish out of water is the main fish to have a notion of water. Have at the Orcs, with winged words, hildenæddran (war-adders), gnawing darts—however verify your object.

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