Letter 35 is the thirty-fifth letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Tolkien reported that the new story, The Lord of the Rings, had come to Chapter 12 and more than 300 pages of composition. He predicted no less than 200 more pages expected to complete it and asked when was the most recent date that the finished original copy should reach Allen and Unwin. He discussed different troubles that had hampered his composition (works and inconveniences coming from the demise of Professor Eric Gordon, work to clear up the New Zealand examination, and an episode of flu). Next he discussed substantial errands ahead. Because of monetary anxiety he was obliged to do exams and addresses and what not. He proposed that Allen and Unwin should consider publishing Mr. Bliss or Farmer Giles of Ham.

Tolkien said that The Lord of the Rings was significantly better than The Hobbit but may not demonstrate an exceptionally fit continuation. It was a more grown up story, part of the way in light of the fact that perusers had clamored for "all the more about the Necromancer" and he was not no problem. Of likenesses he recorded more Hobbits, the return of Gollum, GandalfDwarves, and a Giant. So far there was no mythical serpent however the new and extremely alarming Ringwraiths were an element. He thought about whether his distributers ought to see it as it was for in the event that they didn't need it there wouldn't be the frantic weight to finish it. The written work was taking quite a while in light of the fact that he was considering each word and felt that the story had some criticalness. It would have been simpler to chip away at the happy plots of the Little Kingdom but he needed to complete the more drawn out story. He felt that he may wrap up by June, however with no delineations. An exceptionally important guide may be everything he could do.

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