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lesser Dúnedain
Name lesser Dúnedain
Dominions Colonies of Númenór(early) Gondor and Arnor(later)
Languages Westron,Sindarin,
Skin Color Fair, brown, dark
Hair Color Black, brown, blonde, grey or white (in later years)
Lifespan normal human lifespan of 50-60 years
Distinctions Mortality
Members Men of Gondor

Lesser Dúnedain, also known as the Southern Dunedain, were the Dunedain who intermarried with "Middle Men".

History Edit

In the mean time the southern Dúnedain, the Men of Gondor, intermarried more and more with so-called Middle Men. They were also known as "lesser Dúnedain". Most Gondorians and Arnorians would be considered Tergil. They settled mainly in Arnor and Gondor, but during the Third Age only in the Gondor-region. These were the Tergil (Sgl."Targil" Q."Tarkil") or Torfiriath were the descendants of Dúnedain

Description and Historical accounts Edit

Being mostly of Númenórean stock and ruled by exiled Númenórean overlords, the people continued most of the customs and traditions of Númenór. However, over the centuries, they mixed more and more with the men of Middle-earth. One of these peoples was the Northmen who lived in Rhovanion, and Gondor, ever needing allies as well as friends, began acquainting themselves with these men by the mid Third Age. Brave and valiant but by the standards of the Dúnedain shorter-lived, the Northmen gradually had more and more to do with Gondor, and one of its heirs to the throne Valacar, who lived and worked with them in their own land as an ambassador, married one of their noble ladies setting the stages for the Kin-strife.

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