The Last Desert is a mysterious, possibly fictional land in Middle-earth.

Hobbit folklore described the Last Desert as being a realm at the very eastern end of Middle-earth, inhabited by wild Were-worms.

No factual accounts of such a realm exist. However, Hobbit folklore frequently had some elements of truth in it, such as the stories of the Oliphaunts. It is possible that in the unexplored lands east of the Orocarni or in the Far Harad, there was a desert realm inhabited by dragon-like monsters.[citation needed]In literature, a common folly of many writers is that all legends, rumours, and myths turn to be true, and Tolkien may not have been immune. If it was east of Orocarni, that probably meant that there was a second mountain range east of Orocarni, and that desert is a result of the rain-shadow effect.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Czech Poslední poušť
Portuguese (Brazil) Último Deserto
Norwegian Den ytterste ørken

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