Lanthir Lamath was a sparkling and beautiful waterfall in Ossiriand at the foot of the southern range of the Blue Mountains. It was part of a stream of the river Adurant.[1]

It was probably ruined after the destruction of Beleriand after the War of Wrath.


Lanthir Lamath was well known for being near the house of Dior Eluchíl, son of Beren and Lúthien, when he lived there before becoming the King of Doriath. As the water cascaded downward, the light would reflect and shimmer; this inspired the name of his daughter Elwing whose name means "Star-spray".[2]


Lanthir Lamath is a Sindarin word that meant 'Waterfall of Echoing Voices'.[3]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ላንትሂር ላማጥ
Arabic لانتهير لاماته
Armenian Լանտհիր Լամատհ
Belarusian Лантhір Ламатh
Bengali লান্থির লামাথ
Bulgarian Лантхир Ламатх
Dari لانتهیر لاماته
Georgian ლანთირ ლამათი
Greek Λανθιρ Λαμαθ
Gujarati ળન્થિર ળમથ
Hebrew לאנתהיר לאמאתה ?
Hindi ळन्थिर ळमथ
Kazakh Лантһір Ламатһ
Kurdish لانتهیر لاماته
Macedonian Лантхир Ламатх
Mongolian Лантhир Ламатh
Nepali ळन्थिर ळमथ
Pashto لانتهیر لاماته
Persian لانتهیر لاماته
Russian Лантхир Ламатх
Sanskrit ळन्थिर् ळमथ्
Serbian Лантхир Ламатх (Cyrillic) Lanthir Lamath (Latinised)
Sinhala ළන්ථිර් ළමථ්
Tajik Лантҳир Ламатҳ
Tamil லந்த்ஹிர் லமத்ஹ்
Telugu ళన్థిర ళమథ
Tibetan ལནྠིར ལམཐ
Tigrinya ላንትሂር ላማጥ
Ukrainian Лантгір Ламатг ?
Urdu لانتهیر لاماته
Uzbek Лантҳир Ламатҳ (Cyrillic) Lanthir Lamath (Latinised)
Yiddish לאַנטהיר לאַמאַטה


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