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Picture 5

The Land of the Sun during the Second Age.

The Land of the Sun, or Sun-Lands, is an empty land east of Middle-earth where the sun rises at dawn. Nothing is known of its geography except that there was a curve-shaped mountain range called the Wall of the Sun that corresponds to the Pelóri, the Mountains of Aman. It is not to be confused with the Land of the Rising Sun, another word for the land of the Easterlings.

Picture 2

The location of the Land of the Sun in the world of Arda.

In the Ambarkanta it is called the Dark Land of the Sun. There is a possibility the Númenóreans visited it on their sea journeys into the far east of Arda during the early parts of the Second Age, since in the Allkabeth of the Silmarilion it is mentioned that they saw even the Gates of Morning in the east.

In the game Middle Earth Role Play by Iron Crown Enterprises, a Sindarin name for the land—Romenor (Easternesse—was given, although it does not appear in any of Tolkien's writings. Using proper grammar in Sindarin, of course, the name would be Romennor, as opposed to the Quenya Rómenórë.

It has been speculated that the New Lands mentioned at the end of the Akallabêth may, in fact, have been a remade version of this land and the Dark Land (Hyarmenor), as shown in this map below.


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