For help on using YouTube videos please see Help:YouTube
This page is a proposed policy on the One Wiki to Rule them All. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes and improvements to this policy.

YouTube videos are a nice way to enhance an article; however, they can also cause problems if too many of them are added to an article. For this reason, please keep from adding more than three videos per article. If you have more than three videos that are approprate to an article, please create a separate article. This way, anyone who wishes to see the videos may, but it will not bog down the loading of an article. Two good methods for creating a new article for the videos are by adding the following to the orginal article:

  • under the See Also section
    *[[{{PAGENAME}}/YouTube|YouTube Video Gallery for {{PAGENAME}}]]
  • under the Video section
    :''Main article: [[{{PAGENAME}}/YouTube|YouTube Video Gallery for {{PAGENAME}}]]''

This will create a link to a new article where you can add all of the videos that go along with the orginal article. On the new article for the videos, please format it using a table. A good example of that can be found on the YouTube Video Gallery for Arwen.

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