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Tolkien vs. Jackson: Differences Between Story and Screenplay -

Several attempts have been made to adapt the various books written by J.R.R. Tolkien to film. The most recent of these was Peter Jackson's epic motion picture series, which was released as three movies titled as the books and released in 2001 (The Fellowship of the Ring), 2002 (The Two Towers), and 2003 (The Return of the King). As can be expected, differences in the medium necessarily requires the adaptation of a literary work to a screenplay that is suitable for presentation to a film audience, but such adaptations of a beloved story can stir up controversy and resentment among loyal fans. When the first installment of The Lord of the Rings motion pictures was released, many were so disappointed that they never went to see subsequent releases. Those that did tended to find their final reaction to be mixed. Their enjoyment of the movies might have been better had they not already fallen in love with the story as written, but the writers of the screenplay might also have taken greater pains to tell the actual story instead of their own. Read more...


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Smaug was a greedy, reddish-gold dragon of Middle-earth, who laid waste to Dale and captured the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) with all its treasure, which he gathered in a central hall and slept upon. Despite having accumulated such vast wealth, Smaug was intimately familiar with every last item within his hoard, and instantly noticed the theft of a relatively inconsequential item by Bilbo Baggins.

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