Welcome to the Wanted Pages Wikiproject. The purpose of this project is to get users to create pages that are wanted on the Wanted Pages special page.


Pick a wanted article from the list and make sure that it is relevant to this wiki, if you are unsure about what is relevant please contact an admin. If you find an article that is wanted and is appropriate to this wiki then please create it and use the Missing encyclopedic articles project to help you find sources of information and copyright details. If you find a wanted article that may have a remote relevance to this wiki and would still not need to have an aticle on this wiki, then please use interwiki links to link to other wiki's, in paricular Wikipedia; to do this use the following wiki syntax: [[Wikipedia:ARTICLENAME|ARTICLENAME]], this shows up as ARTICLENAME. If the wanted article has absolutely no relevance whatsoever then please remove the link but make sure to keep the text.

Useful LinksEdit


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