Neutrality is an important part of this and many other wikis, including Wikipedia. All editors should aim to be as neutral as possible, meaning that they should have extremely little to no bias, no unsupported opinions, or the like. For example, saying, "Many people say 'ain't' isn't a word" and including a reference as to who said that is better than "I don't think 'ain't' is a word." When writing about a conflict between things such as "Do Balrogs have wings?", give support and/or examples to both sides of the argument, and don't give any unsupported opinions. This means don't give your own opinion without knowing that many other people also have your opinion. If you find an article or section that needs improvement in this area, add {{neutral}} to the top of the article or section, which expands to:


The neutrality of this article or section is disputed.
See this article's talk page to discuss.

Or better yet, fix it!

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