Jobs Edit

This job list provides editors with ideas if you're stuck for something to do. It is how we can easily get users to contribute to pages that most need it.

Job List
Job Description
Cleanup where you can reorganise pages, and make overblown edits more concise.
Discussion: where you give your ideas and views to make major changes to an article.
Merge: where you can combine two or more articles if there will not be enough material to make each adequate on its own.
Rewrites: where you can help add eloquent prose to tacky articles.
Stubs: where small articles need more information and research.
Picture needed: where articles would be enhanced by use of images.
Uncategorised articles: where you can put uncategorised pages, images, and categories into appropriate categories.
Red links: where you can transform red links by creating the articles if they are relevant to this wiki or by linking to Wikipedia by prefixing "wikipedia:" and, if there is not already a pipe in the link, postfixing a pipe - ie: [[wikipedia:article name|displayed text if any]].
Articles with unsourced statements: where can help the wiki by citing information and statements with legitimate and canon sources.

Flag articlesEdit

To add an article to one of the above categories, follow these instructions:

  • To flag an article for a cleanup, add "{{Cleanup}}, {{Neutral}}, or {{Trivia}}" to the top of the article.
  • To flag an article for discussion, add "{{Discussion}}" to the top of the article.
  • To flag an article for a merge, add "{{Merge|Title of other article}}" to the top of the article.
  • To flag an article for a rewrite, add "{{Rewrite}}" to the top of the atricle.
  • To flag an article as a stub, add "{{stub}}" to the top of the article.
  • To flag an article in need of pictures, add "{{PictureNeeded}}" to the top of the article.


An extra job that you could do is to put the tag: {{fairuse}} on all copyrighted images. Also look at non-copyrighted images to see whether they need a template such as {{GFDL}} or {{PD}}.

So that we don't have everybody doing that too soon after the previous person did it (and therefore probably finding none needing attention), please add here your timestamp (four tildes) when you have gone through them all: