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Template Featured Article
Template:P/1 Image:Arwen sword.PNG
Template:P/2 Image:Helmsdeep-siege.jpg
Template:P/3 Image:Beechbone.jpg
Template:P/4 Image:Harlondwide.jpg
Template:P/5 Image:Haldir.jpg
Template:P/6 Image:Cirth.png
Template:P/7 Image:Rings2.jpg
Template:P/8 Image:Bree.jpg
Template:P/9 Image:Sauron.jpg
Template:P/10 Image:Ctrol.jpg
Template:P/11 Image:Lotr movie gimli.jpg
Template:P/12 Image:Oliphaunt.jpg
Template:P/13 Image:Rideoftherohirrim.jpg
Template:P/14 Image:Shirewide.jpg
Template:P/15 Image:LOTR78 Saruman.JPG
Template:P/16 Image:Celeborn.jpg
Template:P/17 Image:Gothmog.jpg
Template:P/18 Image:Shadowfax2.jpg
Template:P/19 Image:Gilgalad.jpg
Template:P/20 Image:Pipe-weed.jpg
Template:P/21 Image:Eowyn-wiki.jpg
Template:P/22 Image:Treebeard.jpg
Template:P/23 Image:Mount doom.png
Template:P/24 Image:Expanded universe middle-earth.jpg
Template:P/25 Image:Gondorwhitetree.jpg
Template:P/26 Image:Smeagol 5.jpg
Template:P/27 Image:Argonath.jpg
Template:P/28 Image:Galadriel03.jpg
Template:P/29 Image:Rivendell.jpg
Template:P/30 Image:Beorn-nasmith.jpg
Template:P/31 Image:Jennydolfenmaedhroscaptuedbyorcs.jpg
Template:P/32 Image:Boromir34 b.jpg

Nominations Edit

Nominate other pictures for featured status, or replace images here with new images. Either change the pictures on the templates above, or suggest pictures below.

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