Kôrtirion was the principal city of Tol Eressëa.

The city was located on a great hill at the very center of the island in the region of Alalminórë, the 'Land of Elms'. The Cottage of Lost Play was located somewhere outside of the city.[1]


The name meant approximately 'Great Watch-tower hill', 'Watch-tower hill', or 'mighty tower / city on a hill'. [2][3][4]


Kôrtirion was not described or mentioned in The Silmarillion. It was only documented in The Book of Lost Tales, Part one and mapped out by Karen Wynn Fonstad in her atlas of Middle-earth. It was also mentioned in both the poem and song: Kortirion among the Trees and Kôr.[5]

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  • Kortirion redirected to Tol Eressëa but mentioned there