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"Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, "King under the Mountain". Oh, but I'm forgetting; you don't have a mountain, and you're not a king, which makes you...nobody, really."
—The Great Goblin taunting Thorin Oakenshield of his title

The King under the Mountain, also called the King of Erebor, is the title of the Dwarven ruler who resides at the Lonely Mountain of Erebor. The King under the Mountain was also by right the King of Durin's Folk.

In The Hobbit, the dragon Smaug was held to be the only "king" of Erebor. Thorin Oakenshield was in fact in line to be the only rightful King under the Mountain.

Kings under the MountainEdit

Name Years Information
Thráin I TA 1999 - TA 2190 He founded the first kingdom in Lonely Mountain (Erebor) and discovered the Arkenstone.
Thorin I TA 2190 - TA 2210 The son of Thráin I he abandoned Lonely Mountain in TA 2210.
Abandoned TA 2210 - TA 2590 The Arkenstone was left when the mountain was abandoned.
Thrór TA 2590 - TA 2790 He returned to Erebor following the death of his father Dáin I in TA 2589, he rediscovered the Arkenstone and refounded the Kingdom. In TA 2770 with the coming of Smaug, King Thrór was forced into exile and became de jure king, he was murdered in TA 2790.
Smaug TA 2770 - TA 2941 In TA 2770 Smaug conquered Erebor and forced King Thrór and the surviving dwarves into exile and became the de facto king until his death.
Thráin II TA 2790 - TA 2850 The son of Thrór he succeeded his father in TA 2790 as de jure king, and died a prisoner in Dol Guldur in TA 2850.
Thorin II Oakenshield TA 2850 - TA 2941 The son of Thráin II he succeeded his father in TA 2850 as de jure king. Thorin II Oakenshield was briefly restored to the throne in TA 2941 after the death of Smaug. He was killed shortly afterward in the Battle of the Five Armies along with his nephews Fíli and Kíli.
Dáin II Ironfoot TA 2941 - TA 3019 The son of Náin and second cousin of Thorin II Oakenshield, Dáin II Ironfoot succeeded Thorin II in TA 2941. He died during the Battle of Dale in TA 3019.
Thorin III Stonehelm TA 3019 - FO unknown The son of Dáin II Ironfoot he succeeded his father during the siege of the Lonely Mountain and ruled in the aftermath of the War of the Ring.

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