King of Durin's Folk was the title given to the head of Dwarven clan of Durin's Folk or Longbeards.

The first of these rulers were inhabitants of Khazad-dûm long descended from Durin. They ruled and lived there for thousands of years until TA 1980 when miners awoke a Balrog which eventually drove out the Dwarves.

Afterwards, its successors lived elsewhere and founded other kingdoms such as places like Lonely Mountain (Erebor), the Grey Mountains (Ered Mithrin), and the Blue Mountains (Ered Luin).

Kings of Durin's Folk (Years of the Trees - Fourth Age)
Ruling from Khazad-dûm
Durin I, the Deathless YT ? - FA ? One of the seven Fathers of the Dwarves.
Durin II FA ? - SA ? He was known to be in alliance with Men of the Vales of Anduin.
Durin III SA ? - SA ? He ruled during the forging of the Rings of Power and was good friends with Celebrimbor.
Durin IV SA ? - TA ? He apparently joined the Last Alliance.
Durin V TA ? - TA ? With one of the seven Dwarven rings his kingdom prospered.
Durin VI TA 1731 ? - TA 1980 He was killed by a Balrog released from the mines.
Náin I TA 1980 - TA 1981 He was killed by the Durin's Bane.
Ruling from Exile & Erebor (1st Kingdom)
Thráin I TA 1981 – TA 2190 He founded the Kingdom of Erebor in TA 1999.
Ruling from the Grey Mountains
Thorin I TA 2190 – TA 2289 He abandoned the Lonely Mountain for life in the Grey Mountains.
Glóin TA 2289 – TA 2385 Unknown
Óin TA 2385 - TA 2488 Unknown
Náin II TA 2488 - TA 2585 He had trouble with the dragons.
Dáin I TA 2585 – TA 2589 He was killed by a Cold-drake.
Ruling from Erebor (2nd Kingdom)
Thrór TA 2589 - TA 2790 He ruled from the Grey Mountains but left for Erebor to get away from the dragons and to reclaim the kingdom. After a long and prosperous rein there, his kingdom fell to Smaug but he survived. He was later killed by Azog after attempting to enter Khazad-dûm sparking the War of the Dwarves and Orcs.
Ruling from Exile
Thráin II TA 2790 – TA 2850 He lived in Dunland and Blue Mountains and tried to return to the Lonely Mountain but was captured by orcs and taken to the dungeons of the Necromancer where he died.
Ruling from Exile & from Erebor (3rd Kingdom)
Thorin II Oakenshield TA 2850 – TA 2941 He ruled from his halls in the Blue Mountains where he was lord. He resolved to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug forming Thorin and Company with Gandalf and the hobbit Bilbo but died afterwards in the Battle of Five Armies.
Dáin II Ironfoot TA 2941 – TA 3019 Originally, the Lord of the Iron Hills but after Thorin's death he succeeded him both as King of Durin's Folk and of Erebor. He ruled from Erebor presumably abandoning the Iron Hills. He was killed in the War of the Ring in the Battle of Dale.
Thorin III Stonehelm TA 3019 - FO ? He succeeded his father during the Battle of Dale.
Ruling from Khazad-dûm (Kingdom Restored) ?
Durin VII, the Last FO ? - FO ? Unknown

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