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The Kin-strife was a disastrous civil war in Gondor in the Third Age.


The unrest that created the Kin-strife began when Valacar, the son of the Gondor king Rómendacil II, married a woman of the Northmen of Rhovanion, Vidunavi. She bore him a son Eldacar, but many of the people of Gondor of Númenórean blood were angered by this mixing of blood of Middle Men and Númenóreans, and the coastal provinces rebelled when Valacar grew old.

Civil WarEdit

When in TA 1432 Eldacar succeeded his father the unrest grew into open rebellion, as many people saw Eldacar as a half-breed who had no right to rule. The chief of them was his distant relative Castamir the Usurper, Lord of Ships, who in TA 1437 usurped the throne, forcing Eldacar into exile. Castamir was supported by the people of the realm of Umbar, who sought revenge against Gondor. During the rebellion Osgiliath was burned, and the great Dome of Stars was lost, together with its Palantír. Castamir also murdered Eldacar's son and heir Ornendil. Eldacar fled to Rhovanion, and Castamir ruled in his stead.

A full decade later, in TA 1447, Eldacar returned with Rhovanion troops; at the same time a rebellion against Castamir's cruel rule took place. Eldacar managed to kill Castamir at the Battle of Erui, but Castamir's sons and many of their supporters fled south to Umbar. Eldacar could not follow them, as the fleet was under Castamir's control.

Not only did Gondor lose the city of Umbar for four centuries and gain a new enemy in the Corsairs of Umbar, descendants of Castamir's sons, but also many of the Númenóreans of purest blood were killed during the civil war, leaving Gondor weakened.

The Kin-strife was, along with the Great Plague and sheer laziness one of the chief reasons for the abandonment of the fortresses in and surrounding Mordor.

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic የቅርብ ዘመዱ ክርክርን
Arabic القربى الفتنة
Cambodian សម្ព័ន្ធញាតិ-ជំលោះ
Catalan Familiars-lluita
Chinese (Hong Kong) 王族鬥爭
Dutch Verwanten-strijd
German Sippenstreit
Hebrew משפחה-מְרִיבָה
Italian Guerra delle Stirpi
Japanese 金武争い
Latvian Dzimta-nesaskaņas
Marathi नातेवाईकांना-संघर्ष
Norwegian Slekt-strid
Persian نزاع خویشاوندان
Polish Waśń Rodzinna
Portuguese Parentes-contenda
Russian Распря Родичей
Somali Qaraabada-dirir
Spanish Lucha entre Parientes
Thai กบฏราชวงศ์
Turkish Akraba-çekişme