Kalórmë was a mountain in the middle of the Wall of the Sun on the continent of the Land of the Sun in the farthest east of Arda.


Kalórmë seems to be the second tallest mountain in the world of Arda next to Taniquetil. It seems to have existed from the time after the destruction of the Two Lamps[1] but does not appear on maps after the Change of the World as the Land of the Sun does not.[2] When seen from afar looking at it from the Farthest West, it appeared dim. Oromë observed the peak at some point during the Hiding of Valinor.[3][4][5] The Girdle of Arda runs across this peak.[6][7]


Kalórmë meant 'Sun-rising-hill'.[3]


The name of Kalórmë is similar to that of Calormen found in the world of Narnia by C. S. Lewis.


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